Film & Tv

From primetime to film festivals, Samantha has worked on a variety of productions within the Film and TV industry.

Geordie Hospital Series 2
Shooting Researcher | Channel 4 | Curve Media

River People
Shooting Researcher | Development for Nine Lives Media

The Pyrenees with Michael Portillo
Graphics | Channel 5 | Curve Media

Perfect Home, Secret Location
Graphics | Channel 4 | Curve Media

Kate Humble's Coastal Britain, Series 2
Location Assistant, DIT, Graphics | Channel 5 | Curve Media

Geordie Hospital Series 1
Runner | Channel 4 | Curve Media

Louis Theroux's Forbidden America
Transcriber | BBC | Mindhouse Productions

One Thousand Years of Slavery
Day Runner | Channel 5 | Uplands TV

Hometown Showdown
Day Runner | YouTube Originals | Fullwell 73

Robson Green Coastal Fishing
Day Runner | Channel 5 | Firecracker Films

Bonny Chip
EPK & Behind the Scenes Photographer | Fox & Cox, Enon Films

Dungeons & Dragons
COVID Assistant | August Street Films Ltd

Lost Ones
Production Assistant | Shudder Films

The New Music
Sound Recordist | Idosync Films & Young Parkinson's Ireland

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Short Films

Samantha has been creating films since university and continues to work on no budget / low budget short films in her spare time to practice her EPK skills.

The Island
Executive Producer, EPK | Newcastle Film Club

Cake Eater
Executive Producer | Endaria Films

Sound Recordist | Cereus Productions

The In-Between
Sound Recordist | Cereus Productions

Black River
Editor | Idosync Films

Producer, Editor | Hootenanne Productions

The Couch
Director | Worst Productions

The Struggle
Producer | Nick Coker

Sitcom Syndrome
Producer | UNT Short Film Club

Art Department | UNT Short Film Club

The Trench Coat
Producer | UNT Short Film Club

I'm Mortal
Assistant Producer | UNT Short Film Club